9 Best 24 Inch Bikes for Kids: Mountain Bikes & More

Remember the first time you rode your bike, on your own? We all thought that our parents were holding on to the backs of our rides, but they had let go – and it was all on us!

The first taste of victory!

Reflecting on those childhood memories is one thing; our goal as biker enthusiasts is to introduce our kids to the same thrill and sense of achievement with bikes. When we get to 24-inch bikes, we want the suspension to make the most of our days on the mountains with the kids.

The most acceptable bikes for children aged 8, 9, and 10 are those with 24-inch wheels. A multi-purpose, all-terrain bicycle is best for most kids unless your family engages in severe road or mountain biking. The bicycles on this list can do almost everything.

That is why we examined the market for the best 24-inch bikes for kids!

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Our Picks For The Top 24 Inch Bikes For Kids

Here’s our list of the top 24-inch bikes and a buyer’s guide to help you decide on the perfect bike for your budding biker:

  1. Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike (Best Over-All) 
  2. The Huffy 24″ Granite Mountain Bike (Most Durable) 
  3. Mongoose Title Pro 24-Inch Bike (Safest For Kids)
  4. Guardian Bikes Original 24-Inch Bike (Lightest)
  5. Huffy Hardtail 24″ Mountain Bike Summit Ridge (Most Kid-Friendly)
  6. Diamondback Cobra 24-Inch Bike (Strongest)
  7. Hiland 24 26 Inch Mountain Bike (Most Advanced)
  8. Huntaway Kids Mountain Bike, 24 Inch (Easy To Handle) 
  9. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park 24-Inch BMX Bike (Easy To Use)

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1. Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike (Best Over-All) 

Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike

The Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for your child. It sports a 24-inch front wheel and 18 gears, making it suitable for trails as well as roads.

The front and rear linear-pull V-brakes on the Magna Echo Ridge 24′′ Mountain Bike are simple to tune and maintain. 


• It is inexpensive and long-lasting.

• It is simple to assemble and ride, as well as lightweight and portable.

• It is an excellent first bike.

• It is appropriate for those who are 4 feet 11 inches tall or 12 years old or older


• The brakes have a V shape. 

2. The Huffy 24″ Granite Mountain Bike (Most Durable) 

The Huffy 24 Granite Mountain Bike

The Huffy 24″ Granite Mountain Bike boasts a 15-speed thumb-index system for effortless shifting between gears for outstanding control and a smooth ride for your kid.

The Granite Mountain Bike has weather-resistant machined lightweight alloy rims for best performance.

The premium cushioned saddle and aluminium quick-release binder provides a smooth ride; your child will be comfortable riding with simple saddle height adjustment.


 • Easy-to-shift gears for a smooth ride

 • Lightweight, weather-resistant alloy rims

 • Alloy quick-release seat height adjustment

 • 1-piece steel crank

 • Padded MTB seat


• Some people complain that pedalling the bike can sometimes be too much of a chore because of the bike’s weight.

3. Mongoose Title Pro 24-Inch Bike (Safest For Kids)

Mongoose Title Pro 24 Inch Bike

The bike, which weighs 31.2 pounds, has a Tectonic T1 aluminium frame and massive Arisub XLR8 tires that are ideal for running on all surfaces. The tires are mounted on aluminum double-wall rims and are the perfect tool for bold and adventurous children, particularly if your kid likes to explore stunts.

Another plus was the connected headset and internal cable routing, which resulted in a safer riding experience.

Instead of inconveniently dangling outside, the wires run internally within the bike’s frame, making it excellent for racing as well as executing stunts without placing your kid in danger.

As if that wasn’t enough, the bike comes in a wide variety of fun colours for youngsters to pick from, all at a meagre price!


• Internal cable routing improves riding safety 

• Alloy v-brakes are dependable for keeping riders safe 

• High-quality alloy v-brakes 

• Reasonably priced


• Quite overweight in comparison to the other bikes in our review.

4. Guardian Bikes Original 24-Inch Bike (Lightest)

Guardian Bikes Original 24 Inch Bike

For several reasons, Guardian Bikes’ Original model 24-inch kids’ bike is one of our favourite 24-inch kids’ bikes.

The primary reason is that it is one of the finest bikes you will ever encounter, and this is what distinguishes Guardian Bikes from other bike types/brands.

Your child may instantly stop the bike by using one brake lever, which controls both the back and front wheels of the bike, thanks to a unique braking mechanism known as SureStop technology.

Other than that, assembling the bike is simple. And this is because it arrives 95 percent constructed, saving you time.


• Lightweight aluminium frame 

• Cool, entertaining, and eye-catching decal

• Exclusive SureStop technology 

• Child-specific shape brings them closer to the ground, resulting in more excellent stability 


• Expensive 

• Restricts mountain biking because the SureStop braking technology isn’t designed for that kind of riding

5. Huffy Hardtail 24″ Mountain Bike Summit Ridge (Most Kid-Friendly)

Huffy Hardtail 24 Mountain Bike Summit Ridge

The Huffy Summit Ridge first caught our attention because its 24 x 1.95-inch tires allow it to quickly move over the roughest trails.

Alloy linear-pull brakes, a hi-ten steel frame, 21-speeds, front suspension, and a hi-ten steel frame are all components for an adrenaline-pumping bike performance.

The front suspension absorbs all bumps and rips, giving your kid a more comfortable ride, while the bike’s linear-pull brakes provide constant control and excellent stopping power.

Not to mention a quality cushioned saddle and similarly comfy grips that are appropriately proportioned for children’s hands and contribute to the bike’s overall comfort.

Finally, this lightweight bike has kid-friendly components such as sensitive pedals and slight-rise handlebars that allow for upright riding.


• Wide knobby tires

• Luxury cushioned saddle 

• 21 gears to conquer any trails 

• Smooth suspension fork handling bumps and dips 

• Linear-pull brakes that are effective and quick 

• Reasonably priced 


• Some riders felt the seat to be uncomfortably hard.

• The user handbook is not very clear.

6. Diamondback Cobra 24-Inch Bike (Strongest)

Diamondback Cobra 24 Inch Bike

Thanks to a robust Hi-tensile steel frame and sturdy 24-inch wheels, this bike boasts one of the most robust constructions. It is one of the heavyweight bikes on our list, at 30 pounds, but that is to be expected of a mountain bike.

Aside from that, the bike has a durable HL Zoom 40mm suspension fork that allows it to go through uneven terrain quickly.

The multitude of speeds on this mountain bike is what we liked best about it. The 21 gears provide an excellent chance for children to play with gears while exploring difficult terrain.

Dirt paths are easy to overcome because of the 21 gears that let your child ride further and more effortlessly, and this is because changing through the gears is exceedingly simple and smooth for children. 

The bike has a linear-pull brake pedal with tunable levers for stopping force. The beautiful thing about these brakes is that they not only keep the small rider in control but are also adjustable so that the rider may change their placement for easy reach.


• Strong steel frame 

• 21-speed gear range for various terrains 

• 40mm travel fork 

• Suspension system allows the bike to ride comfortably on uneven terrain 

• Powerful linear-pull brakes effectively brake.


• The frame is heavy for some people

• No kickstand

7. Hiland 24-Inch Mountain Bike (Most Advanced)

Hiland 24 Inch Mountain Bike

The braking system comprises two V-brakes. And the SHIMANO 7-speed Shifters provide complete control for your child in every scenario.

The 20/24-inch wheels and Suspension fork provide a smooth ride on mountain routes, motorways, and forest roads.

85% pre-assembled, simple to build, free pedals, and all necessary assembly equipment is available with the bicycle.


• 21-speed rear gear with twist shifter for best shifting performance

• It comes with essential tools that make assembly simple.

• Constructed of heavy-duty steel for long-lasting use


• When riding fast, the handle portion tilts down.

8. Huntaway Kids Mountain Bike, 24 Inch (Easy To Handle) 

Huntaway Kids Mountain Bike 24 Inch

Hiland’s durable steel frame kids mountain bike with a high suspension fork is lively enough for both beginners and seasoned shredders riding everything from packed single track to loose dirt.

SHIMANO TY21 21 Speeds(3*7) Kids Mountain Bike, a broad range of gears provides your child greater control for climbs, for room to get low on downhills, curves, and jumps. 

The 24-inch wheels are appropriate for teenagers, and the 15-inch structure allows kids mountain bikes to ride for extended periods. Kids mountain bike tires give more robust traction and excellent safety in various conditions.


• High-quality frame

• Easy to handle gears for beginners

• Easy Assembly 


• A little heavy 

9. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park 24-Inch BMX Bike (Easy To Use)

Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park 24 Inch BMX Bike

This type, unlike other 20-inch BMX bikes, has 24-inch wheels. If you’re not confident about your child performing simple stunts on a BMX but want something he or she can ride to school or around the neighborhood, this is a beautiful alternative.

The best aspect is that if your child is 12 years old or older, you won’t need to update it for a long time. This is because this BMX is ideal for children (over the age of 12) and adults, with a maximum capacity of 275 pounds (124 kg). 

Did I mention you can select between white, grey, and matte black? Unfortunately, this BMX is not suitable for children under the age of 12.


• Adjustable alloy clamp 

• Simple assembly 

• Low-budget BMX 

• Greater than average weight capacity 

• Simplistic design 

• Durable construction 

• Excellent brakes 

• Available in a variety of colours 


• Not suited for children under 12 years.

Here’s What To Look For In A 24-Inch Bike For Children

Before finalizing a bike for your kid, here’s a buyer’s guide for you to choose wisely and efficiently! 

The most important things that you should consider before selecting a bike are:

  • Fit is far more essential than pricing. No matter how excellent the bike is, it will be unpleasant if it does not correctly fit you.
  • Purchase just once. Getting the frame, wheels, and components you desire upfront is usually less expensive than upgrading afterward. 
  • Keep in mind that you’ll need a few extras before heading out on a ride. A water bottle and cage, new helmet, bike computer, and pedals round out the set, allowing you to hit the road!

Size and Fit

Most 24-inch bikes are intended for children aged 8 to 12 and standing between 4.0 and 4.9 feet tall. As a result, you should examine your child’s height; if he or she is higher than usual (above 4.9 feet), you should look into 26-inch bikes for kids.

Weight of the 24-inch bike

The ideal 24-inch bike for children should be as light as possible, and this is because most children cannot manage too much weight while riding.

Type of Brakes

Regarding brakes, there are four major types of braking systems used in children’s bikes. Let’s have a look at the possibilities.

•         Coaster Brakes
•         Disc Brakes (Mechanical or Hydraulic)
•         V Pull Brakes


The type of tires you pick should be determined by the area your child will be riding. If your kid is cycling on paved roads in the neighbourhood, choose tires with smooth, fast-rolling tread patterns that are not too deep. 


Remember, children are not adults and do not require 21 or more speed gears that take the pleasure out of riding. Who would want that? On a kid’s bike, 7 or 8 gears with a single ring are usually excellent; this allows the child to shift without thinking about which hand to use.


The truth is, most 24-inch bikes for kids are priced similarly to adult bikes. However, you get whatever you pay for; the larger your budget, the more functionality you will receive on a bike.

The Bottom Line

After checking all the bikes we concluded that the Dynamite Magna Front shock is the best of all bikes because of its versatile functions and durability. It is perfect if your kid is new to bicycles. They are simple to assemble that’s a good thing for you.

Let your child explore more streets with this lightweight and portable cycle which is perfectly suitable for roads and trails.

Or you can pick that you see fit, but be sure to keep our buyer recommendations in mind!

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