37 Cool Bike Names For Riders Out There

You can ride the coolest bike out there, but the process is incomplete if your bike is just “a bike”. Almost every cyclist in the world has a name picked out for their bike, because riding a bike before naming it first is similar to a body without a soul.

Naming your bike is considered to be vital by a lot of riders because it helps in creating that unique bond between you and your bike. It also provides your bike with that extra sense of uniqueness that might go a long way.

Now, there are no rules or regulations when it comes to naming your bike, and you can practically name it anything you want.

However, it is best if you name your bike depending on its signature characteristics so at least it has a bit of a background and story to make it more interesting. If you are unable to come up with a name for your bike, here are some suggestions that might be of help to you.

37 Cool Bike Names for Riders Out There

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Here are some cool bike names and names for your bike that really mean something!

It is considered to be best to name your bike after the purpose it serves. For example, if you have an adventure bike, you might consider naming it after a Greek God, or famous warriors from the past because it would match perfectly with the overall purpose, and personality of the bike.

On the other hand, if you have a commuter bike, or a a regular bike, you might want to go easy with the name. With that being said, the following are 37 cool bike names for riders out there that you can use today.

Top 10 Bike Names for Riders Out There

#1: Bullet

If your bike is small, and it goes fast, then there is no better name than calling it “bullet”. Just make sure, you don’t injure anyone with it. If you want some variety, you might be a bit more specific, and name it after particular bullets.

#2: Javelin

It’s a sleek bike, and it is meant to hit some pretty tough spots and takes you to cool and awesome places around the world – then Javelin might be the perfect name for you.

#3: Zeus

If you are into Greek mythology, and you want one of the coolest names for your bike, then you can opt for Zeus, after all he’s the Greek God of the sky. If your bike has a great on-road presence, and it gives that dominating vibes, then there might be no better name than Zeus.

#4: Tank

Tanks are strong, they are powerful, and they are scary. If you have a fat tire bike that is larger than most bikes out there, then you might consider naming your bike as a tank, and it would look really cool.

#5: Fire

You cannot expect something to not be cool if it carries the name, “fire”. That’s just how it is. If your bike bores funky colors, or if you have some flaring designs, then naming your bike fire might seem to be the perfect choice.

#6: Thor

The God of Thunder himself: Thor. Thor is one of the most common bike names amongst riders, and there are right reasons behind the same. Thor is not only one of the most powerful Gods out there, he is said to look incredibly handsome, and he commands a respect like no other.

#7: Rainbow

If you have a colorful bike with lots of colours or even if it’s dual-toned, and you just love your bike for those casual rides, Rainbow is perhaps the best apt name for something that gives you a vivacious vibe whenever you’re downwheeling those roads!

#8: Butch

If you feel that your bike has got that masculine feel to it, it has broad tires, it has a high stance, and it has a dominating presence, then you should go with the name Butch. It’s a name that basically defines masculinity.

#9: The Dragon

Dragons are mythological characters and they are said to be highly fearsome. They are exceptionally huge with unbelievable strength, and to make things worse, they breathe fire.

#10: Phoenix

Another mythological character, Phoenix The Bird might be a good name for your bike, especially for all the Potterheads in the house. The tears of Phoenix are said to have wound-healing properties, and it can rise from its ashes that gives the message of “Never Give Up”.

#11: Dagger

If you have a short bike with slim tires, then naming it dagger might seem appropriate, afterall, a dagger is short, edgy, and dangerous if in the wrong hands. We could say the same about your bike, can’t we?

#12: Flash

If your bike goes fast, like really fast, then Flash might be the best option for your bike. Flash is a DV character, and he is said to be the “Fastest Man Alive” precisely because he can travel at infinite speed, at least theoretically.

Other Cool Bike Names for Riders Out There

#13: Dracarys

A name that would be recognised by all GOT fans. Used by Danaerys Targaryn to command her dragon to blow fire.

#14: Raven

Another GOT reference might be in place, or you can simply think of it as a majestic jet-black bird that looks captivating.

#15: Fox

Fox is a mammal that is known to be quick, and mysterious. It is easy to call and also speaks volumes about the the type of ride you intend to focus on!

#16: Foxy

If you want something more loving, and you do not like Fox, then Foxy might be a better option.

#17: Rocket

A rocket is quick, incredibly rapid, and is meant to be a power-booster whenever you’re conquering those mountains!

#18: Gunner

Whether you are referring to Arsenal, the football team, or simply a man with a firearm, Gunner is a great name.

#19: Hawk

Hawk is a bird with high flying speed, and a large wingspan. Perfect for large bikes.

#20: Senorita

If you are in love with your bike, what better name than Senorita?

#21: Whiskey

Whiskey is almost an interesting way to name your bike (barring the alcohol connotations) – if you think your bike is borderline dangerous, sexy and just all-around outgoer, then this would be perfect.

#22: Windy

If you and your bike like to vanish and go somewhere far away, windy may be an offbeat and cool name because one minute you’re here, and next minute you’re gone away with the wind.

#23: Razzmatazz

This essentially means a confusing or colourful often gaudy action or display that’s all about razzle and dazzle. If this bike means colour and it gets people confused on why your bike means dearly to you, razzmatazz may just be the name you’re looking for.

#24: Sakura

Soft, blossomy and in perfect bloom — just like how you feel when you’re on your bike for days and hours. Sakura is perfect if you know your ready to bloom with your bike!

#25: Ghostrider

Think adventure, and your only companion. Ghostrider may actually be a funky name!

#26: Oxygen

Well, we all know oxygen is necessary for survival but your bike is literally what binds you together and keeps you sane!

#27: La Vida

Livin’ la Vida Loca is probably the most famous Ricky Martin song that tells you to live your life but what if your bike gives you meaning, and tells you to live it to the fullest? La Vida it is!

#28: The Big Show

The perfect name for a special bike, that’s quite a show-stealer.

#29: Supernova

Supernova is a space incident that is considered to be the brightest event of them all! Just like your bike it stands tall among all the fleet of vehicles you’ve owned.

#30: *Your Name* Junior

Do you treat your bike like it’s your child? Let’s name it after you then.

#31: *Your Favorite Celebrity*

Do you have a person whom you admire the most? If yes, then you can name your bike after them, and it would look just as cool. Think Johnny Depp, Ed Sheeran, Charlize Theron and so on.

#32: Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a dog breed known for its bravery, fierceness, and ruthless attitude.

#33: The Hulk

Hulk is one of the strongest superheroes, and if you have a Green or Neon coloured bike, Hulk might actually look pretty cool.

#34: Bazinga

Don’t we all love it when Sheldon Cooper says Bazinga? Bazinga is a word that means got you, and it actually sounds pretty cool for a bike.

#35: Lucifer

Lucifer is the God of Hell, and if your bike has got those dark red colours, and it has a dominating presence, then Lucifer might be a great name.

#36: Shotgun

Shotgun is a firearm that is small, yet intimidating because of its own powers and just like your bike it can take over your life even though it may look too much for others.

#37: Voyager

Voyager is a man-made object that is currently exploring space at speeds above 25,000 MPH. Does your bike go that fast? I assume it’s a yes!

It’s all in the name…

There you have it, 37 cool names for your bike. Naming a bike might be a really difficult task, because you need something that goes really well with your bike and has some meaning!

But sometimes we get caught up in ensuring the name must fit your journey and it’s personality, but honestly it’s OK to not get bogged down with that and just pick one, and move on with it and enjoy the ride!

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