About Us

Welcome To Biking For The Wild!

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Cycling has always been freeing, a chance to mentally relax and be completely alone with your own thoughts! We started out doing fun rides over the weekend and over the last few years getting fitter, stronger and working our way up the grading ranks!

Since then, we have travelled the world on a two-wheeler and have decided that ‘Biking For The Wild’ seems like an apt place to start to share the in’s and out’s of cycling from gear reviews, tips, beginner info and bike guides.

Our Team

The Biking For The Wild team are absolutely passionate about cycling, muddy adventures, and bicycle touring as well as bikepacking!

There’s no better feeling than stepping out your door in the morning and biking to anywhere. The team lives up to the philosophy of cycling and being in nature!

Those first few pedals, the wind in your face, the speed at which you pass the buildings and parked cars around you, it’s almost euphoric!

Where do you go from here?

Stick around as we share more cycling guides, tips and stories about everything related to cycling!