9 Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet 2022

One of the greatest issues in finding the right cycling shoes is that they tend to be narrower, stiffer and be ill-fitted.

People with wide feet often find themselves short of options, especially when it comes to cycling shoes. Settling for just regular shoes or buying a larger size is not possible because sometimes that extra-wide space available in an EU size might still not work out to be the best — you may get sprains, blisters, athlete’s foot and just annoying niggling pains!

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind including the overall comfort offered, durability, use, pricing, and more when it comes to cycling with wide feet.

Here’s where we underline what it takes to find the best cycling shoes with wider feet. 

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Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Cycling Shoes

Before you can purchase a given pair of cycling shoes, there are certain factors that you should consider first.  

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Factor #1: Size and Fit

Size and fit of a cycling shoe is probably the most important factor that you should consider. When trying cycling shoes, experts generally recommend taking one size less that your normal shoes. This is because unlike regular shoes, cycling shoes are meant to fit tightly on your feet, so that they stay that way when you are cycling. A tight fit also ensures that your grip on the pedal is firm, and your feet do not slip on the pedals. 

But if you’re someone with wide feet, do a double check on the width and pick ones that are generally known to be wider — Shimano has long been one of the best brands when it comes to wide cycling feet!

Factor #2: Shoe Style

Just like there are different bikes for different riding environments, there are different types of riding shoes as well. Before you opt for any pair of shoes, you need to finalize what kind of shoes you want depending on your riding requirements. 

If you are on a road bike, generally speaking, having the right pair of shoes is super important like BOA dials and lace are tested and proven to withstand rain, sweat, and freezing temps!

Factor #3: Shoe Material

A lot of people do not pay a lot of attention to the material of their cycling shoes even when they should.

If there is no way for the sweat to escape, it might result in two situations: either you can develop athlete’s foot, or you can blisters on your feet that can be really painful. So it is best to opt for shoes that are made up of breathable material, or have a breathable mesh to allow the evaporation of sweat, and dissipation of heat. 

Factor #4: Arch and Sole Support

No one can deny the importance of the support provided by the sole and arch parts of your shoes. Now, deciding which kind of sole and arch support you need depends heavily on your riding requirements. 

If you want a more comfortable ride, opt for shoes with lightweight sole because it would prevent your legs from getting fatigued after the ride. On the other hand, if performance is your priority, try looking for shoes with a heavier sole because it would help you exert some extra pressure on the pedals that would then be really helpful for you. 

9 Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Following are some of the best cycling shoes that you can buy today if you have wide feet. 

#1: Lake CX 241 Cycling Shoes

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The CX 241 cycling shoes by Lake are one of the best cycling shoes that you can purchase today, and it is best suited for people with wide feet.

If you are someone who wants to maximize his performance, but you cannot compromise on the comfort either, then the CX 241 shoes are best for you. 

The CX 241 shoes are made up of grain leather material which is highly breathable. The shoes also feature a layering of carbon sole to ensure that the shoes remain lightweight.

The heel of the shoe is on the tighter side that helps you have that glove like fit which makes it perfect for demanding cycling sessions or vigorous pedaling. 

#2: Tomasso Strada 200

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Tomasso has been manufacturing cycling shoes for quite some time now, and they have done a fabulous job with the Strada 200 cycling shoes.

If you want a versatile pair of shoes that not only helps you while cycling, but also helps you in touring, commuting, and indoor cycling use, then the Strada 200 should be your first pick. 

The main USP of the Strada 200 is its fibreglass reinforced sole that allows you to make the most out of every stroke, and thus maximize your performance. The material used in the shoe is synthetic leather which provides excellent comfort in riding. 

#3: Venzo Bicycle Shoes for Men and Women

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These are some of the best cycling shoes for wide feet that are not only versatile and comfortable shoes but perfect for riding, commuting, and touring.

On first look, it might look like it is made for Peloton shoes but it actually can be used as a road cycling shoe as well! The shoe is made up of breathable material, and features textile lining with a removable sock liner. The shoes also come with one pair of cleats in the box. 

#4: Fizik Tempo R5 Powerstrap Cycling Shoes

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If you want a pair of cycling shoes that help you maximize your overall experience, then the Fizik Tempo R5 cycling shoes might be the perfect choice. This is the ultimate lightweight shoe for those with wide feet!

They are one of the best shoes with power straps, and it helps you find the perfect fit almost every time effortlessly. The powerstrap receives raved reviews from a lot of people due to the way it envelops your foot without applying a lot of pressure!

The Tempo R5 is made up completely of synthetic materials along with a synthetic sole as well. To provide you with the best fit, and compression, the R5 has adjustable areas in both midfoot and the instep. Finally, the Velcro foot straps help you get the perfect fit every time. 

#5: Giro Cadet Men’s Road Cycling Shoes

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If you want a shoe that tries to offer you the perfect combination of performance, and comfort, then the Giro Cadet Men cycling shoes might prove to be the perfect cycling shoe.

In order to maximize the riding efficiency, the shoes have a carbon fiber reinforced plate along with a supported footbed that provides you not only with a perfect fit, but comfort as well. 

The shoe also has BOA dials that offer you to tweak your shoe’s fit on a micro-adjustable level with 1mm adjustments supported. The shoe is perfect for any wide feet user who wants their shoes to be long lasting, comfortable, and fits well.

#6: Hiland Unisex Wide Cycling Shoes

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If you want your shoes to be highly compatible with other riding accessories like cleats, then the Hiland Unisex Wide Cycling Shoes might be the perfect product.

The shoe offers a 2 bolt and 3 bolt sole design which is compatible with almost every cleat. The outsole is made up of high-quality nylon material that makes it highly durable. 

The shoe is made up of breathable material which helps in maintaining the airflow at all times.

There are three synthetic adjustment wraps that help you find the perfect fit every time. It is one of the best shoes for people with wide feet. 

#7: Pearl Izumi Men’s X-Alp Canyon Cycling Shoe


If you are a fan of the conventional lace-up cycling shoes, then the Pearl Izumi shoes might be a great option. It is a highly versatile product that allows you to switch from hiking to pedalling easily.

Pearl Izumi’s shoes have got adequate stiffness thanks to the nylon composite shanks that help you maximize the performance. 

The shoes offer a high degree of comfort as well thanks to lightweight EVA soles that provide adequate cushioning to your lower feet.

The power transfer is also efficient thanks to nylon composite shanks. Overall, the Pearl Izumi men’s cycling shoes is a great option for those with wide feet and want a versatile option!

#8: Santic Unisex Cycling Shoes 

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The Santic Unisex cycling shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes of them all, and the best part is that the shoes are lightweight. The cleat area on the shoes supports most kinds of cleats, and pedals which would make cycling an highly easy experience.

They are a good starter road bike clip-in shoe if you’re just starting road cycling and don’t want to spend too much money.

These shoes by Santic are best suited for different types of activities including indoor and outdoor cycling, on almost all kinds of surfaces. The shoes have proper ventilation, and it remains breathable. 

#9: Shimano RC3

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They say, save the best for the last, and this is the reason why we are listing this shoe as the final product on our list. Shimano is that one brand name which is recognised by riders from all over the world, and for the right reasons.

Shimano’s bike-related products are said to be the best in the business by thousands of riders, and the RC3 cycling shoes are another good example of the same. 

The RC3 shoes are made up of durable synthetic material which is quite comfortable, and breathable. To maximize the airflow, there are vents in the toe box area which makes the shoes feel much airier.

When it comes to performance, the shoes are as good as any other shoe thanks to a fibreglass-reinforced nylon sole, and a BOA L6 dial that helps you get the perfect fit every time you put these shoes on. 

Final Thoughts

Cycling shoes are a must have item if you want to maximize your overall riding experience. Now, for people with wide feet, finding the perfect pair of cycling shoes might be a difficult task, but not an impossible one.

It is of extreme importance that you should always go for shoes that fit perfectly because even the slightest discomfort might lead to some issues later on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What bike shoes are good for wide feet?

At present, there are hundreds of bike shoes for wide feet that you purchase in the market. Selecting the best shoe for wide feet amongst them can be a difficult task because each individual has a separate requirement, and the list of best shoes would vary as per their requirements.

With that being said, the above-mentioned shoes are some of the best cycling shoes on the market, and they should be good enough for a majority of riders out there. 

  1. Do cycling shoes come in wide sizes?

Yes, cycling shoes do come in wide sizes because people with wide feet are much more common than you think.

A lot of cycling shoe manufacturers design shoes especially for people with wider feet than normal users, and brands like Shimano, Lake and Fizik are all viable options.

  1. Do cycling shoes make a difference?

Yes! Cycling shoes have a stiff sole that helps you optimize the energy you produce. Cycling shoes are designed in such a way that they keep your foot rigid as a result of which, no power is lost when you are pedalling. 

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